Company Perspective

Our Vision

Be recognized as leaders in the dried fruit industry, standing out for our products’ quality, our business transparency and our staff’s commitment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to healthy dieting and to help improve people’s lives through offering high quality, reliable natural products, while stressing respect for the conservation of the natural environment.

Our Values


We go along the path of integrity and truthfulness in every aspect of our work, guaranteeing backup, safety and credibility in all our actions.


We understand respect as a fundamental value to achieve a healthy, positive and productive working environment, which generates trust and harmony in our interpersonal, working and commercial relations.

Team Work

We encourage team members’ integration to help them feel empowered, develop their skills and contribute with their knowledge in order to meet our company’s objectives and improve its results.


All Nevada team members are committed to the company philosophy and work towards excellence and improvement.

Integrated Management Policy
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